Transparency and Forward

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I don’t think I know exactly what I’m doing yet, but I’m on my way.

If you know me well, then you know that I have a tough time staying motivated with new ideas and ventures. I think maybe that I get so pumped about what I see for the end goal and all the possibilities in between, that the beginning finds me a little bored and impatient. I know this is actually a typical situation that my generation finds themselves in, and we could write books about how our current culture breads a desire for instant gratification (and it does). I’ll leave that topic someone else, however. Instead I’d like to start with myself, and how Copper & Smoke fits in.

About 3 years ago I started building guitar amps out of cigar boxes. I built one for fun, some folks became interested. Then I built many more. Suddenly I felt that I needed to jump into this growing community of artisans in Atlanta and began trying to create a business out of the things I was doing. For the next few years up until recently, a (not so) oddly familiar story developed. I created just about every type of social media account and began speaking to anyone that would listen about how excited I was, spending more time getting pumped than actually building something. I figured something out recently though…ideas without foundations are destined to fall apart or simply fade from memory.

To be honest, I looked at so many creatives and artists around me doing fun, interesting things and succeeding, and I wanted so badly to join in the fun that I forgot to ask myself the most important question…

Am I even passionate about what I’m doing?

I found myself asking that fairly regularly in recent months. Specifically gearing the question towards my creative ventures. Starting something just to stop it within a year and doing that over and over again can get pretty exhausting after a while, so I really needed to change my motivation away from trying to do what the other folks are doing. Instead I needed to focus in on what I really find passion in and go for that.

So that brings us to this moment. After my search, I discovered that I get very energized by passionate people. One of my very favorite things to do is to sit down with someone and hear about the goals they are striving for, and dreams they are working hard to attain. Furthermore, I get excited about sharing those stories with others. To put it simply…I find a great deal of joy in advocating for, and lifting up, people who are passionate about what they are doing. There are so many people near me and not so near me that are building wonderful products and ideas. Passion breeds passion so all I want to do is share those stories, and the hearts of the people building them.

So I will be using this place as an outlet to do just that. I’ve never been a writer, not in this type of medium at least. This won’t be the fanciest, most stylistic blog you’ve ever read. It won’t be jam packed with loud opinions and life changing statements, but I sincerely hope I that I can inspire someone as I’ve been inspired by so many. This will very much be a step out of my comfort zone, and my hope is to grow from the experience.

To me, Copper & Smoke is about exploring a new road. It is a return to simplicity, structure, and purpose. It is a practice in being at peace with where I am right now, and the next story I get to share. I truly hope you are able to enjoy this journey with me. Thank you for reading.


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    As a guy that experienced the same inner wrestling match 20 years ago, I totally understand what you’re saying. As a corporate employee with a side-business, I wish I’d had the foresight to have launched my business before getting embedded in the corporate machine.
    Thank you for supporting me, and I will endeavor to return the favor. I’m proud of you my friend.

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